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Odzon Embrocation for Horses & Greyhounds 500ml

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ODZON Horse and Greyhound lotion is a good general purpose lotion.  ODZON is a must have in the medicine cabinet, suitable for application on:

  • Thoroughbred horses
  • Harness racing horses
  • Equestrian horses, or
  • Greyhounds.

It is a safe, general purpose treatment for:

  • Shin soreness
  • Tendon injuries
  • Pasterns
  • Joints & muscle soreness
  • Swelling with or without heat

Greyhounds: all of the above and also, wrists & toe injuries as well as race falls.

ODZON will NOT return a POSITIVE SWAB, however like all other medication, its use should be declared on the appropriate form.

ODZON can go on over broken skin (e.g. speedy cuts, gravel rash ) on any part of the body except the eye. It may even aid the healing process, as one of the active ingredients is Benzalkonium Chloride, a quaternary ammonium disinfectant useful for cleaning skin, mucus membranes and wounds.

Care should be taken if massaging as scurfing will occur after a few massages. Blistering will occur if bandaging is applied even after a few days, and an occlusive dressing will produce a strong blister almost overnight.
However there does not appear to be any discomfort as the animal shows no signs of distress and makes no attempt to tear at the dressing.

ODZON is best applied by hand or with a cotton wool pad.
Preferably apply 4 or 5 applications of ODZON, allowing a few minutes for each application to soak into the skin.

The meat withholding period is to do with the slaughter & consumption of horses, NOT with Racing.

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