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Oralx CacoLiv 6ml

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CACOLIV contains iron and copper, with chelated minerals for fast absorption. These minerals (iron, copper, zinc and manganese) can assist in maintaining red blood cells and haemoglobin, as well as being essential for nervous system function and protein metabolism. The folic acid in CACOLIV is a hematopoietic vitamin which can also play an important role in the maintenance of red blood cells.

The copper and cobalt in CACOLIV can help darken a horses coat, producing an iridescent sheen difficult to achieve with an ordinary supplement. CACOLIV may be used as an aid for good coat colour all year round, but especially when horses shed their winter coats.

CACOLIV is a haematinic supplement offering an alternative to B-complex vitamins which may cause a hyperactive reaction in some horses. It also provides a replacement for injectable iron which can exacerbate bleeding if administered too close to strenuous work.

This product may be used weekly as a general tonic.

Administer the entire contents onto the back of the horses tongue.

Give one tube 24 hours before racing or work.

To darken the coat, give one tube every second day (total 4 tubes).

Available in a 6mL tube (single dose).

Customer Reviews

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Vicki Hartig (Brisbane, AU)

Love this
My horse always looks washed after his clip . No shine in coat. This does wanders to his coat

Sophie (Brisbane, AU)
Very Effective Product

Cacoliv is very easy to use & certainly darkened our black pony’s coat after bleaching over summer. VetnPet Direct offered great service, fast shipping & the best price - highly recommend their service & Cacoliv

Jody Rybarczyk (Melbourne, AU)

So fantastic for horses coat, darkens and the shine is amazing!

Oralx CacoLiv 6ml

A great product that does work!! Very easy to administer.

Oralx CacoLiv 6ml

I an very happy with the product my horse is so shiney and the picture of health. Well priced and all round happy customer