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PetArk Calm for Dogs & Cats 200g

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Make a difference to your dog or cat's day by reducing their level of stress naturally. PetArk Calm assists in the maintenance of normal muscle and nerve function and contains a range of nutrients that have a role in assisting the transmission of nerve impulses.
  • Settles nerves and assists with anxiety
  • Can be used for traveling pets or for shows.
  • Ideal for dogs or cats who are stressed during thunderstorms.
  • Ideal for separation anxiety.
  • Safe and highly effective.
  • Very low dose rate.
  • Excellent for training young dogs by relieving stress.
  • Improves concentration.

200g lasts over 300 days.

Dose Rates:
Small Dogs up to 7kg: 1/8 level spoon
Medium Dogs up to 20kg: 1/4 level spoon
Large Dogs over 20kg: 1/2 level spoon

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Melissa Griffiths
Promising changes

This is being used in conjunction with other items but has shown done obvious promise in just a week of use.
Strongly recommend trying this for any dog with over zealous behaviours

Michelle M (Loganlea, AU)
Not impressed yet!

Have been using the product for about 3 weeks now and have not noticed any visible differences with his anxious pacing or excitability. Sometimes I think it has made him a little more anxious as he's started chasing his tail now. I will continue for a bit longer to see if his behaviour changes. Plus he doesn't seem to like the taste of it as he will often leave the food I give him in the morning, that has the powder mixed in it but scoffs the night time one that doesn't have it. Might need to find something irresistible to mix it into.

Tracy Bassett (Parramatta, AU)
Quality product

A quality product that is very useful for dealing with anxious dogs that tend to ‘act out’. While for a large dog I have found a bigger dose than recommended is sometimes required, I have found Petark Calm to help a lot to take the edge off and allow them to calm and focus. Easy to mix with food and a can lasts a good amount of time.

It seems to have helped

Have only been using it for a week but she seems calmer so shall see how we go after over the next month.


Great product have been using this for years. My dog needs extra B vit