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Passwell Crumbles Complete Bird Food

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Arrived fine, thanks!

Budgie O. (Brisbane, AU)
Best pellets for any small bird/parrot ever!

Such a healthier option for your bird! Any bird owner should know that pellets and crumbles are WAY healthier than seed for your bird. These crumbles are for budgies, cockatiels, conures, lovebirds, doves, quail, finches and canaries. Any small pet bird basically! My young budgie (he is now 4 and 1/2 months turning 5 months) was on seed when I got him at 8 weeks - which was alright by the way, since he was young. Around when he was 3 months or even younger, I bought Passwell Crumbles from my local pet shop after educating myself on the importance of having birds not on seed. I laid a few crumbles on a plate and he took to then straight away! Eating every single one as if it was a seed, lol! And then I slowly put more and more in his food bowl. Today he absolutely LOVES his crumbles! Each box comes with a scoop of how much your bird should eat each day and helpful information on the back. He loves them so much and does very healthy poops haha! Its a great substitute for seeds, as your bird actually likes them and doesn't do that stereotypical "I hate pellets!". However! My bird eats the crumbles but then leaves a fine dust. The whole thing will fill up with fine dust in a matter of a few days - so you can actually end up wasting a bit more than you planned. But, since it is a high quality product in itself, 5 stars from me and Astro! Remember to feed your bird plenty veggies and seed is a treat!

Willow (Brisbane, AU)
Love it.

None of my birds that I took on had ever had Pellets/Crumble and it took a little while but they now eat it everyday, and I even reckon they are happier and healthier.. I recommend it 100%

Carer o.&.&.L.
Highly recommended

This is the only product that my fussy Cockatiel will eat. New to birds only 2 years ago I tested many things. It is reasonably easy to convert birds over from seed using this product. I have done this twice successfully with two very different birds, both over 8 months old. The crumbles are much easier for the birds to tackle, rather than larger pellets and they seem to like them. More expensive brands recommended to me have just been wasted - as my birds wont touch them.

Lovebirds Absolutely Love This

This is the best substitue for seed that I have ever found. Birds seem very happy with it and now rarely eat the seed mix that they used to eat. There are no more seed husks or waste thrown out on the floor. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has fussy eaters.