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Passwell Complete Lorikeet Food

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This is a granular powder that is a complete balanced diet for pet, aviary or wild lorikeets.  The product can be fed dry, straight from the pack, or mixed with the desired quantity of water to produce a wet mix. 

Remove soiled or uneaten food daily and replace with fresh food. Some lorikeets will load their drinking water with dry food so always ensure that fresh water is available. 

SIZES:  500g; 1kg; 5kg

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Teschendorff (Melbourne, AU)
Complete Lorikeet food

The Lorikeets just love this food, it does not last long in their bowls


My lorikeets love it

Tina Carter (Melbourne, AU)
Very Good

The only food my Lorikeet is interested in, I mix it with the tiniest amount of green powder (wheat grass/spirulina). It was
recommended by my avian vet years ago. It’s very good…However, Before using, please make sure the product is super fresh (it will smell sweet), unfortunately I have had to throw a couple of brand new boxes away, although the dates were fine, the powder wasn’t, and was not pleasant, Thankfully I watched my lorikeet decline the food and act irritated so that I could discard the lot (it smelled off).

Linda Buhse
Passwell Lorikeet Food

Hi there. I have taken time to review this as I had to finish the other pack of Lori food first. We try to limit the amount we give them as they are wild birds. When we don't come out with feed they head up the yard and feast on blossoms when they are flowering. The birds (Lorikeets, Little Friarbirds & Blueface Honeyeaters) are always quick to come in for a feed and polish the food off noisily and quickly, so they seem to think it is pretty good. I will be buying the Wombaroo next time to compare. As far as delivery goes, I was amazed how quickly my order arrived. I liked the sticker you included "Bird Nerd". Thanks!

Julie-anne Cordwell (Brisbane, AU)
Paswell complete lorikeets food

Cheaper then most places and the only lorikeet food my lorikeets will eat so I will stick to what my babies love and eat