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Multi-Vite for Animals

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Multi-Vite for Animals is a concentrated, powdered vitamin and mineral supplement for animals.

Key Features:

* Contains 20 vitamins & minerals that are essential to the well-being of animals.

* Use to supplement animals when dietary intake is inadequate.

* Beneficial for breeding, growing or sick animals.

Boosting dietary intake with the administration of a well balanced vitamin and mineral preparation is a common and useful practice. Multi-Vite for Animals should be used when a dietary vitamin and mineral supplement is beneficial, for example:

* Breeding and young animals

* Animals maintained on a deficient diet

* Sick or injured animals

* Greyhounds or horses in training

Directions for Use:

Add to food preparations and mix in well. Prepare fresh daily. Store in a cool, dry place.

One Spoon = 1g Multi-Vite.


* Greyhounds (training): 2g per 10kg bodyweight per day.

* Dogs & Cats: 1g per 10kg bodyweight per day.

* Puppies & Kittens: 1g per 5kg bodyweight per day

* Horses: 6g per day

* Foals: 2g per day

* Sheep & Goats: 2g per day

* Lambs & Kids: 1g per 20kg bodyweight per day

* Pigs: 8g per day

* Piglets: 1g per 10kg bodyweight per day.

Note that excessive intake of dietary vitamins and minerals may be detrimental to an animal's health.

SIZES: 80g;

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