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PAW MediDerm/NutriDerm Infected Skin Shampoo & Conditioner Duo Pack

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This duo pack provides a dual action approach to treating bacterial & fungal skin infections and maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

The pack contains Mediderm Gentle Medicated Shampoo to assist in protecting your animal's skin against different skin diseases.
It also includes NutriDerm Replenishing Conditioner to deliver skin health for your fur baby, and promote a soft, manageable coat.
The duo pack provides an uncomplicated and economical way to manage various abnormal skin conditions in your dog.

PAW MediDerm Gentle Medicated Shampoo is the gentler, faster, safer way to treat antibacterial and antifungal skin infection.

  • Low‐irritant formula that's gentler on your pet's skin.
  • Safer formula for your skin ‐ no gloves required.
  • Short 5 minute wash time makes bathing faster.
NutriDerm Replenishing Conditioner
  • NEW Cerasine A skin nutrient complex including ceramides, phytosphingosine and essential fatty acid nutrients to replenish skin nutrients and maintain the skin barrier.
  • De-tangling Conditioners: For a soft, manageable coat.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal: For and immediate soothing effect.

Pack contains:
1 x 200mL MediDerm Gentle Medicated Shampoo and
1 x 200mL NutriDerm Replenishing Conditioner.

* This product is transitioning to new packaging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cathy & Ruby
Effective on dry skin and coat

I always use these products on my chocolate labrador. She initially had dry, flaking skin but this improved after the first application. I have continued using this product ever since and my dog's coat and skin is fantastic - shiny and soft.

Cathy and Ruby
Improvement after first application

Used these products to remedy my chocolate labrador's dry,flakey skin. Improvement evident after the first application. My dog's skin is great and her coat is super shiny.

Absolutely recommend this product

Very good product Very light and gentle smell Heal my dog's itchy, dry and dandruff skin just after use the first time His skin and coat stay shining and soft throughout couple weeks