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PAW Dermega Omega 3 & 6 Supplement 200mL

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PAW Dermega Omega 3 and 6 Oral Supplement is specifically designed for skin health. Containing omega fatty acids, PAW Dermega aids in the treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions responsive to polyunsaturated fatty acids in dogs.

PAW Dermega contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids including linolenic acid and linoleic acid, EPA and DHA that may aid in the treatment of skin conditions responsive to polyunsaturated fatty acids including:

Treatment of allergic skin conditions:

a. With omega 3 fatty acids (especially EPA). EPA has anti-inflammatory properties that may be used in the management of allergies.

b. Providing omega 6 fatty acids (linoleic acid).

Treatment of inflamed skin conditions.

Treatment of flea allergy dermatitis (when used in conjunction with flea control measures).

PAW Dermega is also suitable for dogs that scratch.

SIZE: 200mL.

Includes an innovative non drip pump so PAW Dermega can be added to food easily with no mess. Each pump provides a measured 0.5ml dose.

DOSAGE: Dose = 1mL (2 pumps) per 7kg.

PAW(Pure Animal Wellbeing) is a division of Blackmores.

Customer Reviews

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A+ product

My Jack Russell is prone to grass and plant allergies - however the PAW range has been of great benefit to him and his skin and coat health has improved immensely since I've had him on this product. He no longer gets outbreaks of hives and has very little redness, he has also stopped scratching and gnawing at his fur. The product is also very easy to dispense coming in a convenient pump pack. This is a top quality product that I'd recommend anybody to try who has a dog with allergies or dry and itchy skin.

PAW Dermega 200mL

Product seems to be reducing my dogs dry skin patches.

PAW Dermega 200mL

We found our young pup to be very prone to grass allergies when we first brought him home. The Paws range has certainly helped him. He doesn't scratch so much and his coat is looking great.

PAW Dermega 200mL

So easy to use and mess-free! Lottie loves it and her itching seems to have improved.

PAW Dermega 200mL

I was having some problems getting my dogs to eat anything this product has been added to. I added it to some home made liver dog treats and they now love it. I have a dog that has dandruff and is very itchy he does seem to be improving.