PAW OsteoSupport Joint Care Powder for Cats 60's

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Long t.C.L.
Very surprised reaction from Vet.

My 10 yo cat has arthritis in her hind end and after giving her this product for just a few days I could easily see the benefits. I break open the capsule and sprinkle it on her food. She licks the plate clean! At her monthly vet check after having taken the product for 3 weeks, the vet's reaction was very surprised with the cat's very good condition. The vet was looking extremely thoughtful and I reckon he will be recommending this to cat owners from now on.

Excellent Result

Purchased for elderly cat (19 years and 9 months) who has had stiff arthritic front leg for about 6 years. Lately been very stiff and not happy with life. Unbelievably from first dose he was noticeably happier and moving more freely. I break the capsule open and empty contents into his feed which he readily accepts. Very, very happy customer (and cat too). Been feeding the supplement for about one week and he is still happy and moving considerably better than before.

The "NEW" Cassie

I have a 10yo Burmese cat who was hit by a car when she was 6. She suffered a hairline fracture to her hip. At the time the vet said she would probably experience problems with arthritis when she got older. At about 9yo I noticed that she was having problems jumping even very small heights that had never caused her problems previously. After taking her to the vet, having x-rays and administering anti-inflammatory's, she was diagnosed with arthritis and joint inflammation. The vet suggested I try a supplement rather than long term anti-inflammatory and I found PAW Osteosupport Cats. In the 6 months I have been giving Cassie this daily capsule I noticed almost immediately a "NEW" cat. Able to jump as normal and give her little buddy, a 1yo male Burmese a 'run for his money'. I find the capsule very easy to give to her after I moisten it under the tap and I have to say she couldn't be more agile once again.

PAW Osteosupport Cats 60's

My cat, Amber is 16 1/2 years young and I've been giving her this supplement for the last 3 months. It appears to have given her slightly more mobility and she is still able to run up numerous flights of stairs! I cannot say the product has definitely helped, but I like to think it gives her some relief for her old age problems.

PAW Osteosupport Cats 60's

My cat is 10kg with small legs. His limp has improved a little after using these caps for 3 months