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Pernaease Powder - Arthritic Symptom Relief for Dogs

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Pernaease Powder is a natural marine sourced supplement containing freeze dried extracts of green-lipped mussel, abalone and shark cartilage. It may assist in the relief of arthritic symptoms in dogs of all ages.

Pernaease is a highly palatable powder that is well accepted by dogs.

Contains no artificial flavourings, preservatives or bulking agents.

Contains naturally occurring chondroitin, glucosamine, manganese and omega – 3 essential fatty acids.

Approved by the APVMA (No. 59494).

Once daily administration. Easy to add to dog’s food or drink.

Can be given long term without the type of side effects associated with some NSAIDs.

Pack sizes: 125g tub, 250g tub including measuring scoop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Great product

Have recently started using this product for my 15 year old Jack Russel and the transformation has been amazing. Have just re-ordered as I am so happy with the positive results for my doggo.

Simply works!

We have been giving this to our Labrador for about three years now and it appears to work very well. He was struggling a little with his left hip but since we started him on Pernaease powder every morning this seems to be well under control. I would recommend it to anyone who’s dog suffers from joint pains and I do not make such recommendations lightly.

Has done wonders for my cat's joints

I used this powder on advice from pet store when my 6mth old kitten was experiencing collapse of back legs. Had been to vet and told there was nothing could be done, as it was a genetic problem. Within 2 mths of daily use (about 1/4 tsp) she was no longer experiencing any problem at all. That was 3 years ago. Now only use about once a month to maintain.

It works!

I have a 10 yr old staffy and Aussie Terrier. Both were struggling with Arthritis and the vet suggested tablets which made my staffy sick. So I looked for a natural alternative. We put them on 'Pernaease' and also give them 'Joint Formula for dogs' which contains Chondroitin and Glucosamine. Both are bounding about as though they were 4 years younger again. They love the taste of Pernaease and we just sprinkle it on their dinner daily and mix it in a bit. Its proving to be quite economical too - much cheaper than the vet's tablets. PS 'Sashas Blend' is same thing as Pernaease.

I would buy this product every time

This keeps the dogs comfortable and without pain.