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PetArk Puppy Complete Daily Supplement

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PetArk Puppy is a complete daily supplement which has a high calcium bioavailability and will assist in maintaining the health of breeding bitches and queens.

For breeding Bitches, Puppies, Cats and Kittens, PetArk Puppy includes an excellent level and balance of calcium and phosphorous which have a role in the normal growth and maintenance of bones.

Using PetArk Puppy with a good balanced diet will ensure a correct daily level of nutrients required for the health and well being of your pet.

As a guide it is usual for a bitch or queen to consume up to four times her normal maintenance requirements by the time she reaches peak lactation.

Features of PetArk Puppy:

  1. Holistically balanced nutritional supplement for bitches, queens, puppies and kittens
  2. Develops strong healthy bones
  3. A single daily low dose
  4. Contains nutrients to support a healthy digestive system
  5. Highly palatable
  6. The only pet supplement using mineral tissue salts as part of the formula
  7. 300g will last up to 150days

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Richard (Clyde North, AU)
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Product arrived quickly.
Super responsive customer service.