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The Pet Loo Original Indoor Pet Toilet

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The Pet Loo is your backyard in a box! 

This indoor/outdoor toilet works for dogs, cats, and small pets. Ideal for apartments, potty training, and occasions when you can’t let your pet out, the Pet Loo is a convenient alternative to pee pads and midnight bathroom breaks. The top layer of synthetic grass allows urine to drain through into the base. The reinforced base is slightly angled so urine trickles down into the waste container. The waste container catches the urine and is removable for easy cleanup.

  • Convenient, portable pet toilet for use almost anywhere
  • Easy to train your pet to use the Pet Loo
  • Appealing to dogs-- feels like real grass
  • Reinforced base easily supports pet’s weight
  • Removable container for easy cleanup
  • Alternative to pee pads and litter boxes
  • Easy to keep clean—wipe with warm water
  • Optional Pee Pod powder traps liquid and odour

More Information
To clean up your pet’s waste, remove the waste container and dump the urine in your toilet or yard. The waste container holds 2 litres of liquid and is made of a material that reduces odour. For even easier cleanup, place a Pee Pod into the waste container. These disposable pods are lined with our Wee Sponge powder that solidifies into a gel when it comes in contact with liquid, effectively trapping urine and odours. 1 disposable Pet Pod and a sample amount of Wee Sponge powder is included with your Pet Loo, and you can also purchase additional packs separately. For your pet’s solid waste, use a pooper scooper or a poop bag.

Does your dog lift his leg to mark his spot? Place a short vertical object like a disposable cup in the middle of the Pet Loo. Remove it once your dog is comfortable using the Pet Loo.

Pet Loo Cleaning Tips

Daily - Pour warm water over the grass to flush out extra urine.
2-3 times per week - Spray the Pet Loo and grass with Wee Care and allow it to dry.

Weekly - Thoroughly spray the Pet Loo with Wee Care and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Remove the grass and wash down the entire unit with a hose, shower, or sink sprayer. Allow it to dry completely.

Box Includes:

  • Grass pad
  • Reinforced plastic base with angled tray top
  • Removable waste container to catch liquid
  • 1 Disposable Pee Pod to fit in waste container
  • Wee Sponge powder trial-size amount; lasts a few days

Choose a size based on your pet’s size or the size of the location where you will place the Pet Loo.

The small Pet Loo is perfect for smaller spaces such as RVs, campers, offices, and patios.

For dogs who prefer to circle before doing their business, a slightly larger Pet Loo would be better.

Size Dimensions
Large/Original 83 x 83cm
Medium/Mini Wee 63 x 63cm
Small/Kitty Kat 53 x 45cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Linda Ryan (Adelaide, AU)
The Pet Loo is Wee-ly Great!

After living in a house with a garden, I moved into an apartment and got a new wool carpet. I also have a Frenchie called Frankie (who was used to going to the loo outside). You can imagine how this might have been a wee problem - but not with the Pet Loo. I put it on my balcony, and to give him some encouragement to use it, dabbed some of his wee from one of his outside walks onto the new plastic grass. He got the idea instantly, and to encourage him even more, he gets a treat when he uses it. It's now become a nightly ritual he looks forward to before bed. Another life saver has been sprinkling powdered 'wee sponge/pee pod powder' into the tray every time I clean it it. It completely eliminates all the odour and turns it into a jelly so it's easy to dispose of. I got the largest size and it's perfect. If you are dubious about if your dog would use it, I honestly say it's been unbeweevable! I highly recommend it.

Leanne A. (Glen Iris, AU)
Dog won’t use it - flimsy plastic

It is quite flimsy and the plastic flexes underfoot when my 24kg dog climbs on it which spooks him. He’s peed on the grass on its own no problems. Needs to be a far sturdier design for large dogs . Wasted my money! Should have just bought some synthetic grass and a hose for my courtyard.

Karen (Melbourne, AU)
Great Size

Great size for our lab in outdoor courtyard. Only issue is the grass was too small for the clips to reach and hold in place.