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PetSafe Electronic Smart Door - Large

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Give your pet their very own key to their personal pet door.

The Electronic SmartDoor comes with 1 SmartKey that attaches to your pet’s collar. When your dog or cat walks towards the SmartDoor, the door senses the SmartKey and unlocks. This makes sure that your pet is the only one coming into your house – not the neighbour's cat. 

The SmartDoor works with up to 5 keys making this a great option if you have more than one dog or cat in your family. Also, you can customize the access for each pet. So, if you want to allow your cat to only go outside, but you want to allow your dog to go inside or outside, you can program their keys so they each have personalized access.

Installing your pet door is a simple DIY project and can be installed into any standard size panelled, wood, metal or PVC door that is  32mm to 51mm thick. 

Small children can pass through door. 

Key Features:

  • Give your dog or cat personalized access to the pet door with their own key
  • Great for multiple pet households
  • Program up to 5 SmartKeys to the door
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Install into standard size panelled, wood, metal or PVC doors or walls 3.8 / 5 cm thick
  • Battery-operated door uses 4 D-cell batteries, not included
  • SmartKey uses 1 PetSafe RFA-67 battery, included

Door Sizing Chart:

 Door Size

  Pet Size

Frame Dimensions

  Flap Opening

  Cut Out Size


Up to 45kg

410mm x 600mm

279mm x 406mm 

397mm x 591mm

System Includes:

  • Door frame with 1 flap
  • 1 waterproof SmartKey Collar Key with battery
  • Key ring
  • Mounting screws
  • Cutting template
  • Operating Guide

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