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PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap

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With its advanced selective entry technology, the PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap has been designed to allow your cat easy access to the outside world whilst keeping other troublesome cats and animals out of your house.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, the PetSafe
Microchip Cat Flap works by reading your catÕs unique microchip ID without the need for a collar or accessory. When your cat approaches the cat flap, the flap will respond by allowing only your cat to enter. The cat flap will remain locked and deny access to cats that are not programmed, wild animals, pests and strays.

The cat flap is also designed with a convenient Manual 4-Way lock that allows you to control the access of your programmed cats.

The PetSafe
Microchip Cat Flap reads the most common type of microchip implanted in cats _ FDX-B (15-digit). If you are not sure what type of microchip your cat has, try our microchip compatibility checker, and enter your catÕs microchip ID to verify that your microchip is compatible.

Key Features:

* Easy to program

* Can be programmed for up to 40 microchipped cats

* Reinforced, dual auto-latch with 4-way manual lock

* Helps restrict entry of unwanted cats

* Draught excluder for additional energy efficiency

* Low battery indicator

* Fits wood, PVC, uPVC and metal doors

* Fits brick walls and glass windows and doors with our Installation Adaptor (additional accessories may be required for metal or metal core doors)

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The Vominator (Mildura, AU)
petsafe microchip cat flap

very simple and very effective, better than the pet porte