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ZeeZ Plastic Dog Muzzle

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The ZeeZ Plastic Dog Muzzle is a light-weight muzzle available in a range of sizes to fit practically any small to medium breed of dog.

Snap-And-Go buckles make fitting a breeze.

Males may require the next size up.

Suggested sizes for breeds are a guide only.

XXSmall (8x5x5cm approx.): Maltese, Papillon, Mini Dachshund
XSmall (9x6x6cm approx): Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle
Small (10x7x6cm approx): Dachshund, Bichon Frise, Jack Russell
Medium (11x7x7cm approx): Shetland Sheepdog, King Charles Spaniel, Corgi
Large (12x7x7cm approx): Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer, Welsh Terrier
XLarge (12x9x9cm approx): Border Collie, Husky, Labrador
XXLarge (14x10x10cm approx): German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Great Dane

PLEASE NOTE: Suggested breeds listed are a GUIDE ONLY.
Please make sure you measure your dog before purchase. Measurements listed are length of long side of muzzle, followed by height and width of muzzle.
All measurements listed above are approximate.

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Great to use when camping to prevent accidental ingestion of 1080