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Plutos Cheese & Chicken Chew for Dogs

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Have you heard? There’s a new bone in town!

Pluto’s Healthy Chews are a delicious longer lasting treat for your dog.
Extremely palatable, easily digestible and free from lactose and gluten, these chews are a healthier, safer alternative to nylon and rawhide bones.

Not only are they made using 100% natural ingredients, they’re also rich in essential amino acids and high-quality proteins, including casein milk protein which has antibacterial effects to help support dental health.

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% natural, made from casein, high-quality milk protein, lactose-free, gluten-free
  • Tested high digestibility
  • A nutritious product - a great taste for your dog
  • Casein provides protection, cleanliness, and elimination of dental bacteria
  • On chewing, does not crumble
  • Low fat, no stains
  • Low calorie
  • Ergonomically suitable for dogs
  • Exceptional flavour!
  • High quality protein
  • Safer - no sharp pieces
  • Essential aminoacids
  • Calcium and phosphorus rich 

100% NATURAL Ingredients: Milk protein, apple, pea, natural flavour, fat, calcium, soy lecithin and apple pectin.
NATURAL FLAVOUR:  Chicken meal

Small - 40g - 8.5cm long x 2cm wide
Medium - 65g - 9cm long x 4cm wide
Large - 85g - 14cm long x 4cm wide
XLarge - 120g - 17cm long x 4.5cm wide

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