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Potassium Plus Potassium Supplement

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Potassium Plus with Magnesium, Zinc & Vitamin E is a potassium supplement for peak muscle function.

Potassium 127.6g;
Magnesium 17.1g;
Zinc 1.48g;
Vitamin E 4g

Features of
Potassium Plus:

* Supplies highly bio-available potassium.

* Helps maintain optimum body fluid balance.

* Helps counteract the stresses of training and strenuous activity.

* Provides highly concentrated potent antioxidants.

* Provides magnesium and zinc in concentrated
form, critical for maintaining strong, well developed bone and cartilage tissue.

Maximises muscle function for heavy sweaters, endurance and stressed horses.

* Essential for maintenance of tissue fluid balance and nerve and muscle excitability and function.

Benefits of Potassium Plus:

* Reduces dehydration, allowing optimal muscle
function in extreme environmental conditions.

* Supplies readily available potassium, critical to
efficient muscle function, especially in hot climates, due to large amounts of potassium being lost during intense muscle activity and sweating.

* Replenishes potassium lost through urine excretion in stressed horses. Supplementation is recommended, particularly when horses are 'training off'.

* Includes Vitamin E and selenium, which are potent anti-oxidants critical to maintaining healthy muscle function during hard exercise.

* Able to be used in conjunction with daily electrolyte supplementation of Salkavite and Neutrolene to reduce lactic acidosis.

Administer orally over the tongue or place liquid on dry feed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Potassium is the primary electrolyte mineral found inside body cells. It functions to maintain the correct amount of fluid within the cell as well as normal electrical activity of the cells. Potassium works in close relation with sodium to keep tissue fluid balances correct for optimum performance. Chronic potassium deficiency may severely limit muscle function and performance as well as lead to dehydration,
muscle fatigue and tying up.


Routine use 30mL daily; Racehorses in training 45mL twice daily.


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