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Racing Oil Essential Fatty Acid Feed Supplement

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Ranvet's Racing Oil is an essential fatty acid feed supplement for horses. This high energy blend of essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, is specifically balanced and formulated for performance horses.

ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS (PER L) : Omega-3 (Linolenic acid)107mL; Omega-6 (Linoleic acid) 426mL

Features of Racing Oil:
* Provides sufficient energy for performance, particularly for endurance (aerobic) work where the use of fats spares glycogen stored in muscle tissue so that it is available for intense anaerobic work such as sprinting, jumping etc.

* Spares glycogen use, reducing the formation of lactic acid, thereby extending endurance and stamina, and delaying muscle fatigue.

* Ideal Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acid blend provides beneficial anti-inflammatory protective and immune stimulating effects.

* Highly palatable.

Benefits of Racing Oil:
* Reduces the volume of feed required and significantly improves the available energy for endurance (aerobic) performance in all disciplines.

* Well balanced oils provide 'cool' energy which do not excite horses as seen with high grain diets.

* Limits the heat of digestion, particularly important in warmer climates.

* Maximises immune responses (which are often suppressed in hard working horses), reducing inflammation and muscle damage during exercise, improving muscle and joint/connective tissue recovery, repair and maintaining cell membrane function.

* Improves fertility in breeding stallions.

Ranvet Racing Oil may be mixed through the feed or administered orally over the tongue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is likely to take up to 4-6 weeks for horses to adapt fully to oil in the diet, so a
gradual increase in the oil content of the diet from 30-50mL daily is advised. It must be considered that up to as much as 10% of the diet can be achieved in fat supplementation.

Horses in training 30-150mL daily; Horses with metabolic disturbance ie; 'tying up' 150-300mL daily.


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