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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Renal

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Cat l.
Royal Canin the way to go

Since being diagnosed with renal failure, our now 18.4 year old cat has been on the renal diet for just over a year. Thanks to this diet her readings are virtually the same as a year ago. She loves both the wet and dry RC. The wet comes in 2 flavours but we have difficulty finding the Tuna flavour and she is getting tired of the chicken. A bit pricey if your on a budget is the only downside.

She loves it!

We give our cat one pouch of wet food daily, with dry food and water constantly available. From day one, she just dived into it, and now won't even look at some of the food she used to eat. I just wish there was another flavour, as I'm concerned she might go off it after a while.

Cats love it!

We feed this in conjunction with the wet food equivalent. Unlike some of the other prescription type diets we have tried there are no palatability issues with this one (both the wet and dry formulations). Our cats love it. We have an old cat who requires this to support his kidney function, but the younger cats love it too and prefer it to any other types of foods we may offer them.

My cat loves it

The only renal food my cat will eat. Great product.

Jan W.
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Renal

Since being on The renal food our 17 year old cat has almost regained a normal reading for his kidney function, and we are very relieved and hope to have him around for another 17 years.