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Troy Repel-X Insecticidal Spray and Repellent

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Customer Reviews

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Julie E. (Brisbane, AU)
Excellent Product

This is a great product. It has stopped my poor dog from being bitten constantly when going to the beach or walking in the bush.

Very effective and great value

This is the only product of many we've tried that totally stop Stable Flies biting our two large dogs. Our 9 year old Shepard is completely clear of any fly bites on her ears. During really bad Stable Fly infestations from nearby Market Gardens that use poultry manure; we need to apply twice a day but usually one application early in the morning lasts all day. The best part is also by spraying the surface of her bed stops all flying insects irritating her when she's having her long naps. I would recommend this for your animals.

Repel-X Insecticidal Spray and Repellent

I have always used this brand spray on my horses very effective as always

Repel-X Insecticidal Spray and Repellent

The price of this product is pretty unbeatable. Some retail stores are currently charging more than $20.50 for just 150ml of Repel-X. My Rottweiler cannot stand the Citronella fragrance however I insist that it is applied to his coat regularly. There is a very bad midge infestation on the Sunshine Coast and when I am outside I can actually see a visible halo of pests outlining his frame. While this won't eliminate them completely, it certainly reduces the number of insects bothering him. I think this is very important if your dog already has skin issues. If you have used a Citronella bark collar on your dog, expect them to have a strong reaction when you apply it. My dog rolls and scratches trying to get it off his coat. In my opinion this product is essential to my dogs comfort.

Lynn M.
Repel-X Insecticidal Spray and Repellent

This is the only fly repellant I have ever used that actually works on horses. Very effective.