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Rogz Floating Lighthouse

Super buoyancy. Not only does it float, but it stands up just like a lighthouse! Much easier to spot in rough surf as it bobs upright.
Easy throwing. Grab the cord and swing the Light House as far as you can. Even easy for your kids to throw.

High visibility. The contrasting red and white stripes are specially visible to dogs and makes it easier for them to fetch their toy in any type of water conditions.
Soft in Mouth - Safe and comfortable on dogs gums.
Approx height 25cm.
Click on the You-Tube link above to see this toy in action.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dogs favourite toy

Our dogs love this toy. We've always had trouble with one of dogs who has sight in only one eye visualising sticks thrown out in the surf. The lighthouse toy is highly visible thanks to its bright colour and weighting at the base of the toy which allows it to bob in the surf. With everyday use amongst our 2 dogs and any others that follow on the beach, we usually get about 12 months pretty rough action out of them. We've managed to salvage a couple which are 'spares' by repairing with marine rope.

Great, but not a chew toy or tugging toy...

This toy is great. It is highly visible, even in rough surf. I have been warned by other users not to let the dog have it as a chew toy as it will be destroyed in minutes, so my dog only gets to have it when we are at the water's edge. I've also been warned not to let 2 dogs tug at the cord as it will instantly break away from the lighthouse. If you have just one dog, then it is a wonderful toy. It is easy to fling in the water or on the sand. My dog loves it. So do I, no more toys in Davey Jones' locker! I've even got a backup Lighthouse in case we lose it.

Gobby and Doc
Best water toy ever

This is probably the most versatile toy ever made. The cord attached to the rubber toy provides a grip to throw, the weight at the bottom of the toy allows the lighthouse to remain upright even in rough water, and the hard rubber and thickness provides our dogs with a toy which is easy to fetch and keep in their mouths to bring to shore. It has lasted through many tug of war games and countless throws on the beach.

The detectives
This lights the way for play

In the dam, the lake,the river or creek and in the surf....we don't loose sight of the lighthouse and nor do our dogs and the throwing chord means you can avoid the dog slobber when you toss it repeatedly to your happy pets

Susie's mum
Best dog toy yet!!!!

I walk my border collie every day on the beach and usually I throw a stick in the water which she would often lose sight of, especially in rough water. I saw someone on the beach using the lighthouse with his dog and I was amazed how it bobbed high in the water and so I hunted it down on the internet. Susie, my dog took to it straight away and retrieval is so easy for her now, she absolutely loves it. It is such a great idea. I have to be careful not to sling it too far and to be careful with my aim as I don't want to knock someone on the head but that goes for any dog toy. I have sung the praises of it to a lot of beach people so there may be a lot of the same on the beach soon. A really well thought out dog water retrieval toy.