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Serenity Aquatics Biochemical Sponge Filter

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The Serenity Biochemical Sponge Filter adds oxygen to the water while supporting colonisation of bacteria to assist with the breakdown of harmful waste like ammonia. It will provide the fish with a cleaner living environment.

Sponge filters are particularly useful for breeding tanks or as a secondary filter in regular aquariums.

  • Adds oxygen as it filters
  • Fits most external or top filters for pre-filtration
  • Easy maintenance

Pico: Suits tanks up to 8Litres

Nano: Suits tanks up to 40 Litres

Small: Suits tanks up to 100 Litres

Medium: Suits tanks up to 150 Litres

Large: Suits tanks up to 200 Litres

Note: If using as a stand alone filter you will also need airline tubing and an air pump which are sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I like it it

Judy Baldwin (Richmond, AU)
Versatile product

I purchased the filter to used in an emergency hospital tank keeing the sponge in my sump (for good bacteria)
However i ended up with a large goldfish bowl so i placed spider wood gravel and plants in the bowl.
To keep the water looking crystle clear i placed the air filter in behind the spider wood
Pretty cool very happy

cassandra fisher (Burra, AU)
Great product

Great filter.. looks nice in aquarium and does an excellent job.. would buy again.