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SHEEP Guard LA Long Acting Injection 500mL

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Sheep Guard LA is for the treatment & control of roundworms, nasal bot & itch mite in sheep.

Sheep Guard Long Acting contains Moxidectin (20g/L), a potent ML (Macrocyclic lactone or mectin). Protects against severe challenge by barberÕs pole worm for up to 4 months. Length of protection against the three major production-limiting worms.

Conditions where LA treatments make sense:

  • No clean paddocks are available i.e. those with minimal worm burdens.
  • With pre-lambing ewes towards the end of pregnancy to avoid handling. Interventions need to be limited to avoid stress and not closer than 2 weeks to lambing. Reduced handling will lower the risk of pregnancy toxaemia in late pre-lambing ewes and mis-mothering if lambs are already on the ground.

An effective long-acting treatment will:

  • Kill immature and adult worms in the sheep at the time of treatment.
  • Kill infective larvae on the pasture when consumed by sheep during the period of protection.
  • Provide approximately 3 months protection.

The convenience of using Sheepguard LA needs to be protected by using it responsibly. This will preserve efficacy of the treatment, ensuring it keeps working into the future

ESI (export slaughter interval): 133 days

Meat withhold: 91 days

Re-treatment interval: 91 days

SIZE: 500mL

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