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Sporn Ultimate Control Harness

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The Sporn Ultimate Control Harness is the latest addition to the line of SPORN control products! It's patented, comfort design gives the dog owner several ways to humanely control their dog when on the go. The harness is easy to put on and is guaranteed to start working instantly, using the "Sport Effect", without intensive training! 

* Front pull control option
* Rear pull control option
* Simultaneous front and rear control
* Built-in easy grab emergency handle
* Includes detachable accessory handle/leash extension
* Padded throughout for comfort
* Adjustable around the chest and girth
* Reflective stitching for safety & visibility
* Lifetime guarantee (excludes chewing)

Small:   Girth of 35.5 - 61cm, or dogs weighing approximately 4.5 - 13.5kg
Medium:  Girth of 49.5 -81cm, or dogs weighing approximately 13.5 - 34kg
Large:  Girth of 51 - 101.5cm, or dogs weighing approximately 34 - 45kg

WARNING: Do not leave harness on dog unattended. Not to be used as a tie-out or car harness.

COLOUR:  Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Molly (Adelaide, AU)
2 dogs and a friend

Bought this for my daughters Sheffield Collie who pulls on the lead, not sure if it being used wrong but he gets his leg tangled when the lead is snapped to the front ring he has improved a little with the lead attached to the back, perhaps it is being used incorrectly. Sturdy harness

Julie (Brisbane, AU)
Sporn ultimate control harness

Works well for my German shepherd x, would recommend for large dogs that pull on the lead.

Carole C (Bundamba, AU)
Good quality

So pleased to find a harness where the sizing description was accurate. Harness appears well made and clasp appears strong and has a nice positive feel when snapping closed. Padding is just the right amount. Like all harnesses it could take a bit of getting used to putting the harness on your dog, but the easiest way I found to quickly recognise the neck loop was to leave my dog's leash attached to the back 'o' ring, therefore instantly knowing that the other end of the 'grab handle' was the top of the neck loop.

Allison Gibb (Surry Hills, AU)
Great harness

Took a little while to work out how to put it on but no its a breeze. Great quality and functionality.