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Sputolysin Powder 420g

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Sputolysin is bronchial mucolytic agent to aid in the treatment of respiratory disease in horses, all respiratory infections with increased secretions, acute and subacute bronchitis, chronic respiratory disease with mucus, infection of the upper airway and foal pneumonia.

Bacterial infections must be accompanied by an appropriate antibiotic or antibacterial prescribed by a veterinary surgeon.

Composition: Dembrexine 5mg/g

Directions for Use:
Twice daily administration of 0.3mg active ingredient per kg bodyweight.
Adult Horses (500kg): 30g powder twice daily in food
Small Horses, Ponies, Foals: 10g powder per 170kg bodyweight twice daily.
Treatment should continue for at least 7-14 days. In chronic cases treatment should be extended to at least 3 weeks.

Scoop supplied holds 5g Sputolysin powder.

Please Note: 1 tub will last an adult horse 7 days. 2 tubs is normally required for the treatment of an adult horse. 

Withholding Period: Meat - 28 days.

Size: 420gm

Customer Reviews

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Tanya Denysenko (Brisbane, AU)
Dry cough

Great products 😊

Larissa Stremouchiw (Brisbane, AU)
Dry cough

My mate had a dry cough for a while and nothing would budge it without spending $$$ on vets so I tried this product out and did two doses of it and she is good as gold fixed it right up! Love it