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Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect

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Felaqua Connect delivers fresh water and monitors your cat's drinking patterns.

The product has been specially designed to encourage cats to drink, presenting the water in a more natural and visible way. It provides you with insights into their drinking behaviour, highlighting changes which may otherwise be missed.

The Felaqua Connect system is made up of three elements all working together to keep you connected to your pet and provide more insight into their drinking habits.

  • Felaqua Connect is the main component of the system. It recognises the microchip ID (already implanted in your pet) or the Sure Petcare RFID Collar Tag (purchase separately if required), allowing you to track when your pet drinks.
  • The Hub (sold separately) is the connected element of the system. It connects to your home internet and can 'talk' to both Felaqua Connect and your Sure Petcare App.
  • By using the Sure Petcare App, you'll be able to monitor the amount of water that your pet has drunk and how frequently they visit Felaqua Connect each day. This will allow you to observe changes in their drinking habits over time.

What's in the box?

  1.  Felaqua Connect unit
  2. 1 litre/33.8 fl oz reservoir
  3. Drinking bowl

* Batteries and Hub are not included

CAT-FRIENDLY DESIGN -  Felaqua Connect is the bowl that your cat would choose to drink from. Its wide, shallow bowl presents water in a way that is more visible and appealing to your cat. 
MONITORS YOUR CAT'S DRINKING - Used with the Sure Petcare App, Felaqua Connect tells you how often, when and how much your cat drinks. Connect all your Sure Petcare connected products in one place.
DELIVERS FRESH WATER - The bowl automatically refills from the reservoir as your cat drinks. No recirculating water, just clean, fresh water. Plus, receive notifications when the water needs changing.
HASSLE AND CABLE-FREE - Battery operated, no untidy cables, noisy pumps or expensive filters. Felaqua Connect is designed to reduce hassle and make it easy to care for your cat.

In order for your Felaqua Connect to work with the Sure Petcare App, you will need
to purchase an accompanying Hub. Sold separately.

Download the complete Felaqua Connect Product Manual as a pdf here.

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