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Texas T-Bone Dental Chew for Dogs

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Ideal for average chewers, teething puppies or ageing dogs. Tough enough to last, tender enough to flex while helping to keep you dog's teeth clean, free from plaque, tartar and promote healthy gums. Unique dental ridge design is proven effective.

The Texas T-Bone from Fido has been designed to reduce plaque formation in your dog's mouth. Used regularly, it will help maintain good dental condition. Made from polyurethane, this product is non-toxic. If small pieces are ingested, they will pass through your dog without harm. The Texas T-Bone is flavoured with a beef steak taste which slowly releases throughout the life of the product, encouraging chewing.

Discard or replace the t-bone when the ends are chewed off.

No chew toy is indestructible, with some dogs being particularly fond of certain chew toys! As with all toys, your pet should be supervised while using this toy.

Small: 10cm x 7.5cm, 1.1cm shaft diameter
Medium: 13cm x 8cm, 1.8cm shaft diameter
Large: 16cm x 11.5xm, 2.2cm shaft diameter

Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Castle (Brisbane, AU)
Loving the Texas T Bone

My dog has absolutely loved this bone and has gone back to it time and time again, will be purchasing another once this one can no longer be used.

Awesome chew toy

My dachshund has had Texas T-Bones for years. It is the best chew toy on the market for him as it keeps his teeth clean and healthy. I've tried other chew toys and he shows very little interest in them. Highly recommend this toy!


My mini schnauzer loves his Texas T-bone...this is his second one. The first lasted a long time, couple of months, as he would mainly chew it after dinner at night time. I did at times have to take bitten off pieces from him and trim it up with scissors. The first one would have been about half the size when i took it away from him. Would certainly recommend the texas t bone

Texas T-Bone

This product was better than I anticipated, i thought it would last 20mins but it's lasted 1 week so far!. I am lucky to have a dog that chews and destroys things and then spits them out as opposed to swallowing things. My Amstaff ridgeback cross seemed happy with the beef flavouring. Once she removes the ends of the toy through chewing I will be inclined to dispose of it 'just in case'.

Texas T-Bone

thoroughly agree with previous reviewer.far to soft for Jack Russells.