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Thundershirt for Dogs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

For our dog this didn't work.
He still pants like a steam engine in the car and trembled all night during a recent thunderstorm so it will be returned for a refund.

Tanya (Sydney, AU)
So far so good

Have used this product a few times now and it seems to be doing its job. Our big dog was struggling with storms and I put coat on one arvo and he looked calmer straight away. I do believe the firm, hug like coat makes him feel much calmer during a storm. Thankyou as we were really struggling with his anxiety when the storms arrived.

Glennn R. (Brisbane, AU)
Calming coat

As soon as I put this coat on my girl she calmed down. Big issues with thunder and lightning, not yet used for that but her change in putting it on gives me a lot of confidence

Vera C. (Coombabah, AU)
What a great product!!

I have 14 years old Maltese and a thunderstorm was always very stressful for her. She was shaking, panting, pacing, hiding in a shower, I couldn't calm her down.
A week ago we experienced a big storm with lots of lightnings and a loud thunder. The ThunderShirt completely changed the her behaviour.
Once I put it on, she stopped shaking and pacing, watched the lightnings and slowly fell asleep in her bed!
I have done a bit of search being curious how it works and apparently it is the gentle pressure of ThunderShirt applied to the dog's torso that causes a calming effect similar to swaddling a crying infant and giving him feeling of security.
Thank you again for such a wonderful product and your great service.