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Trouble & Trix No More Litter Box Odours Powder 500g

Trouble & Trix No More Litterbox Odours Powder is specially formulated to combat unpleasant odours in litter boxes. The formula contains natural, non-toxic zeolite that effectively absorbs odours and greatly extends the litter life.

Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals famous for their ability to neutralise odour causing ammonia at a molecular level. When used in litter boxes they remove malodours by removing ammonia.


Sprinkle No More Litterbox Odours over the bottom of the litter box. Distribute normal quantity of litter on top. Lightly sprinkle surface with No More Litterbox Odours and mix in.

Suitable for use with any brand or style of cat litter.

SIZE: 500g

Customer Reviews

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S.M. (Brisbane, AU)
No More Litterbox Odours

The powder really does work and the best I have tried yet. I sprinkle it over the remaining litterbox gravel after removing the nasties and top up with fresh gravel. It smells great too. The best part is it is safe for your pet with no nasty toxins. :)

Wow, this is good

This was the first time I had purchased Trouble & Trix no more odours, and it really is fantastic. Don't need to use too much for each application, it does the job and my cat has no objection to it!