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Troy Vitamin C Injection

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Composition: Ascorbic Acid as Sodium Ascorbate 500mg/mL.

Indications: Vitamin C supplement for horses, cattle and dogs

Dosage and Administration
Horses 5-10mL s.c. or i.m.,
Cattle 2-4mL s.c. or i.m.,
Dogs 0.25-1mL s.c. or i.m.

Repeat daily as indicated.

Pack Size: 100mL

Customer Reviews

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Always receive quality products from vet-n-pet.


I haven’t notified the seller yet, but I ordered five of the Troy Vitamin C and received them with one bottle shattered and my box was wet all the way through. So, I think shipping protection could be improved. Packing peanuts don’t protect items like this, they should be in foam so the bottles can’t move. Other than that, the product it self is quality as usual from vet-n-pet. I’ve always received my orders with expiration dates that left us plenty of time to use the whole contents and not have to waste any.

Sarah Luck (Brisbane, AU)
Great to have on hand for snake bite

Ordered vitamin C for injection + syringes and needles to keep on hand in case of snake bites for cats, dogs and goats. After doing extensive reading and research + speaking with several people and their personal experience using vitamin C for snake bite in dogs, I will always keep at least 1 bottle of this in the fridge. So far this year we've seen more blacks and brown snakes than what we have in the last 5 years combined!

Great to be able to order the vitamin C + syringes and needles all from the one place.

Todd (Newton, US)
Great service

I order 3 bottles of the vitamin C injectable the packaging was first rate traveling all the way to the USA every bottle was in pristine condition

Dom (Narangba, AU)
Troy Vitamin C

Ordered twice now, both times very fast delivery. Chat box helped greatly for a couple of quick questions. This has saved our dog twice now ( can't prove that but we believe it did), so will always have this in the fridge ready. 18G needle will draw up quickly, whereas a 21G will draw up cold out of the fridge but quite slow, so consider 18G for drawing if in a hurry. (bottle says store below 25 C ) If you love your animals, handy to have some on hand - especially if you are a long way from a Vet.