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Tubbease Hoof Sock

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The Tubbease Equine Hoof Sock is the ultimate treatment aid to a variety of common hoof ailments and infections. 

Tubbease is a short-term treatment aid that will assist and enhance the recovery of range of hoof problems including:

  • Abscess and infection
  • Compromised or bruised soles
  • Thrush
  • Laminitis
  • White Line Disease
  • Seedy Toe

The Advantage:
Taking the stress out of hoof treatment. Let’s face it – conventional treatment of hoof ailments can be stressful for both horse and handler. Soaking and dressing hooves can prove difficult, time-consuming and unsustainable. Tubbease offers simple application and consistency of treatment regardless of user experience and ability. The sleek, simple design ensures a snug and comfortable fit for your horse or pony without the need for additional dressing and wrapping.

Sizing & Fit:
The Tubbease Hoof Sock and Sole Inserts have been designed for easy and simple application in equine hoof treatment. Use the fitting guide  to ensure a correct and comfortable fit for your horse or pony.

How to measure for Tubbease:
Simply measure the widest diameter of your horse’s hoof sole (this might be length or width depending on which is longer) and select one of the Tubbease sizes.

Tubbease can also be fitted over horseshoes.

Please note: The Tubbease dimensions shown  indicate the maximum internal diameter of the Tubbease cup not the diameter of the hoof.

Step 1: After preparing or medicating the hoof, open sock wide and pull Tubbease over hoof.

Step 2:  Check Tubbease is fitting hoof correctly and then pull sock up firmly.

Step 3: With sock taut, fit hook and loop strap to lower pastern with hook side facing sock. Ensure one finger space under strap.

Tubbease should always be secured with the hook and loop strap supplied. A bandage is not suitable or adequate.

Step 4: With hoof on the ground, simply pour in treatment solution as required, or submerge fitted hoof into a bucket of your chosen solution for deeper soaking.

Important: Tubbease Hoof Socks are not enduring boots. They are for short-term use in confirmed enclosures by restrained animals. Judgement should be exercised.


110mm (Pink)

140mm (Red)

155mm (Blue)

175mm (Yellow)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Geoffrey and Nancy Hoare. (Sunshine Coast, AU)
Tubbese Hoof Sock & Sole Inserts

We have been using the above product on our Qtr.Horse Mare for over 5 weeks now and they are fantastic>>> 100/100. Wonderful service from Vet- Pet Direct, couldn't be better.

Frances C (Sydney, AU)
Tubbease Sock

Fantastic product -had just purchased Tubbease Sock before major flood and was used on a horse that had injured hoof by using the Tubbease Sock we could take him for a walk, leave it on in his stable and it did not move at all. Will be buying other size set's. Yes it is everything and more.

Jo O'Brien (Belrose, AU)

We used the Tubbease hoof sock for a hoof abscess and found the boot stayed on well.( We stabled our horse while the sock was on). Would recommend the Tubbease hoof sock for medical purposes as it is a great way to keep the bandage intact on the hoof. Excellent service from Vet-n-pet Direct and would definately make future purchases.

Sharon Santos (Sydney, AU)
SHOOF👎No company support

These are very expensive for what they are
Use one night in a yard and Very quiet horse ripped the sock, it was unrepairable I returned it to the store whom emailed Shoof and they had no interest in replacing it or repair so I will never buy one again buyer beware

Laura (Bundamba, AU)
Great boots!

Glad to see VetnPetDirect now stock these (did not when I bought mine). I have 2 sets and use one set to soak hooves before trimming, soak with meds when needed. I also bought a larger pair to keep in first aid kit, to protect a bandaged hoof (if/when the need arises). Easy to fit (though I chose to go up a size to make it a bit easier to get thru the 'knitted sock' part) and tough enough to leave on a quietly moving horse in a small paddock or yard. Much better than the stiff old style soaker boots, or using lots of tape to protect a bandaged hoof. Once my friends saw mine in use, they were quick to buy.