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Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover for Cats & Kittens

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Urine-Off is a high-performance, bio-enzymatic product developed specifically to remove cat urine, other urine stains and odours.

General usage principles:

1. Urine-Off must contact all urine deposits on or in the surface, however far these deposits may have soaked in. Different surfaces require different techniques (see below).

2. Urine-Off must remain wet and in contact with the urine deposits long enough for the bio-enzymes to complete their work on the urine crystals.

3. In certain cases where deposits are heavy, very old, or other urine odor/stain products have been used, more than one Urine-Off treatment may be needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover for Cats & Kittens

No problems with the purchase. I would recommend the product, it performs as expected.

Happy Customer

I used a competitor's product before I found a dealer for Urine-Off and found it left a rather unpleasant smell of its own. Urine-Off leaves no smell and effectively removes the stale urine smell from our painted wooden skirting boards and walls. It also works well on carpet if you take the time to go through all the procedure of bring up the urea crystals from the under-lay to the surface. Because it is enzyme-based I find it also removes many other organic stains on carpet.

Made smell worse

Followed the instructions and kept it on for 4-5 days under plastic so it would have time to work as they were old cat urine markings. On drying and after the plastic was removed the smell was actually more pungent and stronger that before

Stuff works great

I was thinking the 1L would come with a spray pump. Bummed that it didn't.


This is a fantastic product, doesn't work straight away but after a week the smell is gone. I have tried alot of cleaners, spent alot of money, this is the only one that realy works.