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Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover for Cats & Kittens

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Di69 (Rous, AU)
Always have it in the cupboard.

This works. Make sure you remember to shake the bottle every time before using it. Sometimes I have to do the procedure twice. But it does remove the cat pee smell. My cat sprays when he's not well, or very agitated. I have found this to be really great. I buy the big bottle and it lasts me about 3 years. It is a hassle to clean out the "urine off" from the carpet once it's done it's job, I usually wet the area again with water, and soak up with a towel, and I repeat this a few times to remove the urine off out of the carpet. It removes the cat pee. It didn't work for getting cat pee out of timber floor boards. I had to use hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate of soda for that. But Urine off is good for carpet, curtains, anything fabric , walls, or vinyl. With carpet, I get down on my knees and smell the area till I find where it doesn't smell and then I mark it with a bit of paper, so what I'm doing is getting the containment boundary of the urine using my nose. I then start spraying it around outside the pee area and then work your way in so as the carpet soaks up the urine off, it doesn't spread out, it spreads the pee into the centre of where it is. I shake the big bottle and then fill a smaller urine off spray bottle I bought beforehand to try the product. Then use that spray bottle to apply it. The only time I've poured it straight from the big bottle was when I was getting cat pee out of the car seats, (I bought the car like that from a cat rescue person, and when it was humid the smell would come out, I had no idea at the time of purchase.) I had to pour it straight onto the seats and leave it for a day then kneel on towels to douse it out and then pour warm water, and then douse the water out till I got most of it out of the seat. I did this procedure again months later and again months after that. Each time it helped remove the smell. It now no longer smells but it was a big job. It does break down the cat pee, but I don't like to leave the urine off, I always try to remove it out of whatever I'm treating, once it's done it's job. The reason I give it 4 stars and not 5, is because I do have to treat the same area twice, even with fresh pee, it would be good if I didn't. I have expensive sunblock curtains, and I did have to do it twice with them, even though the pee was fresh. When it's an old missed stain in the carpet, I spray it on, and use glad wrap or a plastic bag to cover it and then put a towel over the plastic to weigh it down and keep it in place or put a bucket over it. That way it can't evaporate, and no one or the pets can run in it, and I leave it overnight, then I douse it with a towel, then wet it with water and douse again, and do this a few times. I also put nice smelling talcom powder on the wet area after all the dousing, and cover with a towel, so the residue dampness gets absorbed by the powder and the towel, and then on the next vacuum I it all up, ends up leaving the carpet patch smelling really nice.
I just want to add, I read a review that said that followed the instructions on an old stain and it made it worse, and I have had an experience like that in a house that previously had dogs pee there over the years. So when I tried to clean that area of pee, it's carpet, underlay, and then floorboards under that, and it's very old. So it was really foul when I tried to clean it up. And it did make it worse. I think for something so badly effected, means that I need to cut out a section of the carpet and underlay, treat the floor boards with hydrogen peroxide and bi-carbonate of soda mixed with it. I imagine there is probably mould under there as well. So that was where it made it worse. I had no idea that would happen, and I imagine there is mould and possibly years of pee in that area.

John S. (Melbourne, AU)
Urine Off Odour & Stain Remover for Cats & Kittens

No problems with the purchase. I would recommend the product, it performs as expected.

Happy Customer

I used a competitor's product before I found a dealer for Urine-Off and found it left a rather unpleasant smell of its own. Urine-Off leaves no smell and effectively removes the stale urine smell from our painted wooden skirting boards and walls. It also works well on carpet if you take the time to go through all the procedure of bring up the urea crystals from the under-lay to the surface. Because it is enzyme-based I find it also removes many other organic stains on carpet.

Made smell worse

Followed the instructions and kept it on for 4-5 days under plastic so it would have time to work as they were old cat urine markings. On drying and after the plastic was removed the smell was actually more pungent and stronger that before

Stuff works great

I was thinking the 1L would come with a spray pump. Bummed that it didn't.