Value Plus 4 Calming Paste 30mL

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Susan S. (Moruya, AU)

great paste, calms without making pup sleepy - great for obedience classes and a car sick puppy - tastes very yucky, pup does not like the taste - me either

Value Plus Calming Paste 30ml

Ive been using it for a week now and no change noticeable.

Value Plus Calming Paste 30ml

Hard to give must mix with his food and then put a bit of cheese with it and gave it with a spoon and that seems to work, but I think it is calming him. My vet put him on this but VET-N-PET are are much better price.

Value Plus Calming Paste 30ml

Our staffy is petrified of thunderstorms and we had a 3 days period of intense storms approaching so I tried this out on him. I gave it to him morning and night for the three days and he was definitely calmer during the day and night when there werent any storms around. He was also a lot calmer when we were out of our walks but as soon as an exciting stimulus arises (ie, a cat he would like to chase) he still tried to go after it and barked etc. He was calmer during the thunderstorms but not completely quiet so I would say that it 'takes the edge off'. I like the idea because its basically drug free and we have tried all of the prescription medication available and nothing has worked. I will be trying this product again when more storms are forecast and we will see how we go. I found mixing it in with some really smelly fish based wet cat food did the trick and got him to eat it without any issues.

Value Plus Calming Paste 30ml

I think this product does have some effect but not as much as i wouldlike . it smells like vegmite and my dog doesnt like it either.