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Value Plus Activiron Performance Plus Powder

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Activiron Performance Plus Powder is a specialist bio-available iron, blood building, health and vitality supplement for performance horses.

Activiron Performance Plus Powder combines selected premium organic trace minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, micronutrients and coenzymes which work together to maximise bio-availability and nutritional uptake, as well as to support the specific needs of performance horses.

With the inclusion of the unique active FeNaEDTA, Activiron Performance Plus aids in red blood cell formation, blood building, appetite stimulation, recovery, immune support, coat condition and energy production and metabolism.

Unlike other forms of iron which can be poorly absorbed, the ferric sodium has a protective coating of EDTA. This exclusive EDTA coating provides the best combined result for iron fortification in terms of bio-availability, safety and oxidative stability for iron nutrition, making it the perfect choice for racehorses and performance horses.

Supported by extensive long-term studies, this iron compound has a higher absorption rate than other elemental iron supplements in grain based diets, has minimal gastrointestinal disturbances and exhibits no metallic taste.

Unlike traditional iron supplements, Activiron Performance Plus has no negative impact on the bio-availability of other minerals and vitamins, and may be used in conjunction with Vitamin E.

Performance horses need extra nutritional support to counteract the physical demands of intensive work, to maintain optimal conditioning and to give them the competitive edge. Activiron Performance Plus delivers over 21 premium vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids, micronutrients and co-enzymes in one palatable low dose daily powder.


  • Higher absorption rate in the body
  • No negative influence on the bio-availability of other vitamins & minerals including Vitamin E, selenium and copper
  • No metallic taste, highly palatable
  • Minimal gastrointestinal disturbances
  • No risk of iron overload

Race Horses 30g
Endurance Horses 30g
Yearlings in sale prep 30g
Ponies 15g
Performance Horses 30g
Breeding Stallions 60g
Lactating Mares 30g
Horses in poor condition or recovering from illness 60g

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