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Vet's All Natural Complete Mix - Puppy

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If your puppy is less than one year old, it will thrive on Vet's All Natural Complete Mix for Puppies.

Puppies need more protein and more base nutrients and vitamins to sustain their rapid growth rate. To achieve this the Puppy formula includes more yeast, calcium, kelp, barley grass, lecithin and vitamin C.

Puppies reach maturity at different ages. Generally smaller dogs mature faster and therefore change to Adult variety sooner.

Complete Mix is a carefully balanced fully natural preservative free 'muesli' to mix with fresh meat. It makes the perfect balanced diet which canines and felines have thrived on for millions of years. A truly natural balanced diet consists of vegetable matter, raw muscle meat, organs and raw bones. Complete Mix represents the vegetable matter portion of your dog or cat's healthy diet. It mimics the gut content of a prey animal, just like being in the wild.

The fundamental principle behind Vets All Natural is the principle of raw food. It is explained by one of the most simple and common-sense statements:

"Dogs and cats can't cook ! "

Dogs and cats are not designed or equipped to properly digest and absorb cooked food, as we humans are. They have been evolving on this planet for 40 million years (more than 2000 times the entire history of human evolution) eating fresh food. Their mouths, teeth, stomach, intestines, organs and enzymes, are all evolved to masticate, process, digest and absorb raw food (not cooked food).

There is a growing stockpile of scientific evidence that links the long term consumption of cooked commercial pet foods, to the development of a vast array of common illnesses and degenerative diseases, including cancer. Skin disease and dermatitis, allergies, teeth and gum disease, arthritis, renal failure, ear infections, obesity, reproductive failure, and anal gland blockage can all be linked to improper nutrition, and can all lead to poorer quality of life for both pet and owner.

Vets All Natural Complete Mix is manufactured in strict accordance with the principles of raw food. Ingredients are air dried at, or below, body temperature, to prevent any thermal damage to proteins, vitamins and enzymes. When mixed with the appropriate ration of raw meat (directions on

packaging), it forms a fully balanced, 100% preservative and additive free, completely natural raw food diet for dogs and cats.

The mix is designed to be reconstituted by soaking in an equal volume of water for 24 hours. This step is important, not only for palatability and digestibility, but also to allow germination (activation) of the starch in the grains, increasing their digestibility, nutritional value, and bioavailability.

One kg of complete mix will combine to feed an average sized dog for 10 days, and a cat for up to 3 weeks.

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Customer Reviews

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Heather Roberts
Great Product

Ive been feeding my nursing bitch this product and shs's rearer beautiful chubby puppies and healthy. Mums doing well.

Kazc (Pittsworth, AU)
A wonderful product

We were desperately searching for a product to help with my GSD puppy's bowel problems. He was having terrible poos and nothing was working. We had him on a raw diet and we have since found out that he has issues with beef and chicken. I decided to try the Vet's All Natural Puppy after doing a lot of research online and it has made a huge difference. He now has it mixed with raw turkey or lamb and he is thriving on it. His weight is good, his coat is amazing, he has so much energy and his poos are large but good quality. I would recommend this to any one to try for their puppy.