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Equilax Palatable Psyllium Husk Pellets

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Dietary Fibre Additive for Horses in an Apple flavoured pellet.
  • Convenient pellet to enable easy consumption.
  • Apple flavoured to appeal to all grazing animals.
  • Maintains normal digestive health in horses.

Equilax contains approximately 57% Psyllium Husk. This psyllium husk forms a gelatinous mass that carries food along the Gastro Intestinal tract. The action of psyllium aids in the movement of sand and dirt through the Gastro Intestinal tract of grazing animals to ensure that normal digestive health is maintained at all times.

Equilax comes in the form of a super palatable pellet; it can be fed from the hand or mixed with food, without being blown away.

Dose Rate: Administer approximately 125g of Equilax per 500kg of body weight, 3 to 4 times per week.

Animal owners should determine the long-term administration requirements for maintaining effective digestive health.

Ingredients: Psyllium Husk, Oat Husk, Apple Flavouring

Available Sizes: 1.5kg & 6kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jenn (Sydney, AU)
Great product

So easy to feed ! Great product and the horses love it. Excellent service from Vet-n-pet direct.
Just hope the product stays affordable

Heather Beyleveldt (Sydney, AU)

Only been using equilax for a little while, but horse eats it happily. Good service from vetnpetdirect as I phoned to put another product in and save postage and they were helpful and efficient.

Debra Magatelli (Brisbane, AU)

Great product keeps the sand colic away

Bernadie Westwood (Perth, AU)

I have been using the equilax on my mare for 5days every month for the last few years. Very impressed with this product, she happily eats it in her feed and we haven’t needed to have her oiled. Regular manure checks show very little sand. Thank you.

Equilax 6 kg- Great stuff!

Added to horse's feed 3 to 4 times a week to help keep sand colic at bay. So far so good. After losing a horse to sand colic, I have been using Equilax now for 5 years.