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Vetsense Rehydrate for Dogs

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Aids in maintaining and restoring normal electrolyte balance in body tissues due to strenuous exercise and sweat loss during training, racing, competition, travelling, and hot weather conditions.

Each litre contains (as ions)
Chloride 43.3 g, Potassium 30.4 g, Sodium 27.6 g, Phosphate 17.4 g, Citrate 12.85 g, Sulfate 11.8 g, Magnesium 3.0 g, Glucose 260.0 g.

Directions for Use
Always make available an adequate supply of clean fresh drinking water following consumption of Vetsense Rehydrate.
Dilute with clean, fresh water before each dose. Mix fresh solution daily.

Before racing: Mix 5mL with 125mL(half cup) clean water.
After racing: Mix 10mL with 250mL (1cup) clean water.
Hot weather, nursing females: Mix at the rate of 40mL/L of water and give as an alternative drink in conjunction with clean water.

Customer Reviews

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Fay Paliadelis (Melbourne, AU)
Good to have on hand especially for sensitive tummies

Great product to have on hand especially with the heat on its way for all animals. My puppers don’t drink enough water , they’ve had a bad tummy bug in the past even though I’m pedantic about what they eat (Human grade) meat with blended fruits, veg with supplemented minerals oils and vitamins yet they’ve still caught a nasty bug and I’m not chancing it again.
Much rather have this on hand to syringe into their mouths.
Good stuff.