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Vytrate Non-Antibiotic Scour Treatment

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Vytrate is an oral, non-antibiotic supportive treatment for replacement of lost fluids and electrolytes in scouring or dehydrated calves, pigs and lambs. Suitable as a first feed for bought in or stressed calves and pigs, and as an aid in the treatment of pregnancy toxaemia in ewes.

Features of Vytrate:
  • Actively fights dehydration and replaces lost fluids and electrolytes.
  • Reduces scour duration and severity.
  • Contains a balanced mix of glucose, glycine, citrate and electrolytes.
  • Fights acidosis.
  • Easy to mix and administer.
  • Registered for use in calves, lambs and ewes, dogs, cats, pigs and foals.
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dehydration
  • Post-transport stress
  • Pregnancy Toxaemia in ewes

Withholding Periods:
Meat Nil.


Vytrate Liquid Concentrate: solution intended for oral administration after dilution with water to 12.5 times its original volume.

Following are directions for the preparation of commonly required dose volumes. Measure the required volume of Vy'trate Liquid Concentrate into the mixing vessel and make up to volume required with clean, fresh drinking water. Replace cap firmly after use.

Mix 40 mL Vy'Trate Liquid Concentrate with water to make up to 500 mL diluted solution; mix 80 mL to make up to 1 L; mix 160 mL to make up to 2 L. 1 L pack makes a total of 12.5 L; 5 L pack makes 62.5 L.


Bought in calves. Feed 2 L of diluted solution, made up as above, as the first feed on arrival. For the next scheduled feed, use 1 L diluted solution at the same time as, but not mixed with, milk or milk replacer. Thereafter, feed normal diet.

Scouring calves. Dose rate: 1 to 1.5 L diluted solution/10 kg bodyweight daily, divided into two or more daily doses. If scouring is established or severe, causing serious dehydration, the higher dose should be used initially and fed in three or four divided doses. 2 L of diluted solution given morning and night will be adequate in many cases.

Directions. Immediately signs of scours are seen, withdraw milk or milk replacer and feed the required dose for two days. For a further two days return to milk feeding at half normal rate, with diluted solution given between these feeds. Thereafter feed as normal. Seek veterinary advice if blood is present or scours persist beyond four days. Keep feeding utensils clean and avoid overfeeding. Normal feeding should be resumed after the course of treatment. Replace with fresh solution every 24 hours. Many scouring problems can be avoided by feeding adequate colostrum early in the calf's life.


Suckling piglets. Immediately scour signs appear, fresh diluted solution, made up as above, should be made available, in a clean vessel, to the whole litter. A litter of 1 week old piglets will consume approximately 2 to 3 L/day. The amount consumed will increase with the age of the piglets. Piglets may be dosed individually, by giving 20 to 30 mL diluted solution three or four times a day, taking care to avoid choking. Take care to ensure that piglets are not left without diluted solution, drinking water or sow's milk. Check the supply of solution every twelve hours and replenish if necessary.

Weaned pigs:

Scouring weaned pigs should have fresh diluted solution available in a suitable clean vessel. Restrict solid feed intake for one to two days, but continue to supply fresh drinking water. As a general guide, weaners will consume 1 to 2 L/weaner/day.

Duration of treatment (all pigs). Diluted solution should be made available for four days, but if the scour has not cleared completely, treatment may be continued for up to eight days in total. If there is no sign of improvement, consult a veterinary surgeon.

Periods of stress:

For the two to three days following any period of stress (i.e. weaning, transport etc.), Vy'Trate will help to increase fluid and electrolyte consumption and absorption, so minimising any possible setback. As diluted solution is extremely palatable and excessive drinking may occur, diluted solution at half the strength recommended above may be used, for this indication only. Replace with fresh solution every 24 hours.


Scouring lambs. Give 150 to 200 mL fresh diluted solution two to four times daily as required. The solution should be adjusted to body heat and given via a feeding bottle and teat. The lamb should also suck the ewe. Unused diluted solution may be kept in a clean  container below 25°C but should be replaced with fresh solution every 24 hours.

Pregnancy toxaemia in ewes:
Administer 160 mL undiluted solution using suitable drenching equipment. Repeat at four to six hour intervals as necessary. Prompt treatment as soon as signs appear improves the likelihood of a complete recovery.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Muscat (Royalla, AU)
Great for keeping energy levels up

We use this on orphaned joeys, to maintain the energy and electrolyte levels when maintaining the fluid levels if they get Diarrhoea, Great preventative supplement when administering antibiotics

Kirsty James (Melbourne, AU)
Quick and easy

Quick and easy, the lambs picked up and scours stopped. Lambs drank straight from their bottle, didn’t reject it!