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Waterproof Non-Slip Socks (Set of 4)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alexandra C. (Canberra, AU)
Dont recommend

Dont stay on.

Audra (Richmond, AU)
Try wide elastic/velcro to keep these on

I am thinking of buying these for one of my greyhounds for walking out foot protection on front feet (prone to corns). Have been using baby socks using a wide elastic (with velcro to secure), but socks get grotty, damage and then tossed out. This looks like a great alternative. I find those hard boots more difficult to keep on. Will see how we go.

Daz (Chatswood, AU)
Limited success

Needed only for back feet; probably got the wrong size as they won't stay on for long. Work OK on timber but hopeless on ceramic tiles. Better on a short compact foot than a longer foot I think.

Julia H. (Brisbane, AU)
Didn’t work

Even with the Velcro, I watched my cat take every single one of them off in under a minute 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sorry to hear of your difficulties Julia. Cats are notoriously difficult when it comes to covering their paws. They do not like anything on their paws and even bandaging can be almost impossible. They also have slender legs/paws that are a similar width all the way down, unlike dogs. So fastening with velcro or other constriction above the paw does not work effectively as it would for a dog. With persistence and training you may eventually have some success, but otherwise you may need to consider another option depending on what you were needing the paw coverings for.

foy N. (Melbourne, AU)
Non slip socks

I needed two only for the front paws, to stop slipping on timber. luckily I had 4 as one got eaten.
A bit a practice needed for getting the sock on, but all great after 3 days. Works well.
Size is important