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Miracle Collar for Horses - Stops Cribbing, Wind Sucking

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The exclusive, patented Miracle Collar stops cribbing (wind sucking) in seconds!

Its unique, effective design is guaranteed to stop horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines from cribbing or your money back.

With thousands of satisfied users, the Miracle Collar is one of the best anti-cribbing devices available.

The Miracle Collar is handcrafted from top quality harness leather for weather resistance, strength and gentleness to the coat.

The collar's anatomically-correct fit applies pressure only when your horse attempts to crib so it can be worn while eating, drinking, grazing and when being ridden.

Specially designed with a unique shape, the Miracle Collar stays in place for maximum effectiveness.

Non-rust stainless steel hardware ensures durable performance.

Includes easy-to-follow directions.


  • Rugged Harness Leather
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Unique Patented Design


Small - fits weanlings, yearlings and small ponies

Medium - fits large ponies and average-size horses

Large - fits warmbloods, drafts and large horses

COLOUR: Golden Brown

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
THI (Brisbane, AU)
Product good but they do figure it out

The product is really good and very well made. It does work for a while on chronic suckers but I've found you just have to gradually tighten as they learn ways around it.
Possibly they don't go as fast with it on but that's about the only long term positive.
What a shocking habit this is for the horse.
Key is getting it on a horse which is just learning the habit , to stop it before it becomes entrenched.

Alison Weir (Sydney, AU)
It worked for my filly

Really happy with the collar it’s worked well

Jo-Anne Weir (Jimboomba, AU)
Didn’t work

2-3 weeks and not one day without rails chewed. They just learn which is the best position to continue in another way. I will claim the money back guarantee as this was a last resort and a glimmer of hope in resolving a costly exercise.