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Whether you need warm dog coats for winter, a stylish new dog jacket or fresh dog clothes for the pet wardrobe, our range has your dog covered. From dog life jackets and dog backpacks for the adventurous type, to non-slip socks for those who like to stay in, you're sure to find the perfect piece for you pooch.

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Should dogs wear coats in the colder months?

While many dogs have a sufficient coat of their own to keep warm, some may need the added comfort of a dog coat. In particular, dogs that have thinner coats of hair can do with the extra warmth, as can dogs who are younger or older and thus more vulnerable to weather extremes. Some underweight dogs may also benefit from having their own dog coat. Yes, winter can get cold enough for dog coats in Australia!

Do dogs need to wear life jackets?

While your dog may be a proficient swimmer, it is always recommended to use a dog life jacket when participating in boating activities, swimming in dangerous waterways with large swells, currents and waves, or in bodies of water where there is not a water's edge close by for your dog to rest. A dog life jacket will keep your dog safe in an emergency or if they begin to tire from an extended period of swimming.

Do dogs like wearing clothes?

Just like their human counterparts, each dog is unique and has its own preferences. Some will feel uncomfortable in dog clothes, while others will love their stylish and cosy dog clothes! Be sure to pay attention to how an outfit makes your dog to avoid making them feel anxious, uncomfortable or too hot. Dog clothes are designed specifically to be comfortable and safe for your pet, so avoid using any outfits that haven't been specifically designed with your dog in mind!

What are the benefits of using dog jackets?

Different dog jackets are available with a range of benefits. Many dog jackets are designed to keep your pet warm in the winter months, while some dog jackets provide wet weather protection for those rainy days much like our own rain coats. Non-insulated dog jackets made from UV-resistant material are also available to protect your four-legged adventure buddy from the harsh Australian sun on those warmer days.