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Meals For Mutts Dog & Cat Foods

You wouldn't live off an exclusive diet of cheap, processed food, so why feed your dog or cat the same? Meals For Mutts produces high quality holistic dry food, treats and supplements for your furry friends. Australian Made pet food for healthier and happier dogs, puppies and cats. Shop the Meals For Mutts range now!

Why is Meals For Mutts better for my dog?

Meals For Mutts produce natural, organic dog food that is made right here in Australia. Their holistic approach to pet health means they've created a range of healthy foods and treats to provide your furry friend with the sustainable building blocks of a healthy lifestyle.

Just like us humans, dogs don't feel great if they live off cheap junk food. The Meals For Mutts range of dog food will give your pet the nutrients they need to maintain proper health and be full of energy.

Is Meals For Mutts grain free?

There are a selection of Meals For Mutts grain free options within the range for those dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

Is Meals For Mutts puppy safe?

The range of Meals For Mutts puppy food is suitable for growing puppies who require a healthy, protein rich diet to help them develop. Meals For Mutts puppy food is available in different kibble sizes to suit your puppy's preferences.

What makes Meals For Mutts ingredients different?

Meals For Mutts ingredients are all-natural and nutrient rich to provide a holistic approach to pet health. Ingredients are locally sourced and are GMO free, free from artificial colours and free from fumigation. The end result is a delicious diet to support your dog's immune function, skin and coat health, joint health and general wellbeing.