Simparica Range for Dogs

The Simparica range offers rapid and comprehensive parasite protection for dogs, with two distinct formulations for different needs. Simparica, powered by the active ingredient sarolaner, is an oral treatment that swiftly targets fleas, ticks, mites, and mange, beginning to kill fleas in just 3 hours and ticks in 8 hours after administration. It's designed for fast absorption into the bloodstream, ensuring quick action against these pests. Simparica Trio goes a step further by offering a broad-spectrum solution in a single monthly chew. It not only combats fleas, ticks, and gastrointestinal worms but also prevents deadly heartworm disease in dogs and puppies as young as 8 weeks. The Simparica range stands out for its efficacy and convenience, providing pet owners with reliable options for keeping their dogs healthy and parasite-free.