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Sashas Flexi Medicated Bites for Joint Health

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Sashas Flexi Bites are made from a combination of premium ranch raised venison and marine concentrates with added bacon flavour. They are bursting with vitamins and nutrients. 

Sashas Flexi Bites are dried, not baked, this ensures full delivery of nutrients.

Like Sashas Blend, Sashas Flexi Bites are free of artificial preservatives, colouring, fillers or grains. These bites are highly palatable, and easy to chew for older dogs.

How can Sashas Blend Flexi Bites benefit my pet?
* They can help keep dogs active and healthy
* They maintain joint function
* Promote mobility
* They work at the site of joint problems by treating the illness, not just the symptoms.

What are the Active Ingredients in Sashas Flexi Bites?
Green-lipped Mussel (195g/kg)
Shark Cartilage (46.3g/kg)
Abalone Powder (46.3g/kg)

Sashas Flexi Bites Dosage:
Sashas Flexi Bites can be given as a treat or reward or added to food. Controlling your pets weight is important therefore it is recommended to follow the suggested feeding guide.

Daily Dosage for Dogs: 
Less than 10kg: 4 bites
11 - 20kg: 6 bites
21 - 30kg: 8 bites
31 - 40kg: 10 bites
Over 31kg: 12 bites

* It is recommended that you start your dog on half the does for the first 5 days. For general joint health and maintenance give half the dose.

Available in a 200g container (approx 160 Bites).

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Simon Hewitt (Heatley, AU)

Too early for a rating of this product,have only used for a short time so far,thus far haven’t seen any dramatic results

Highly recommend.

I give 1 flexibite as a small treat as my two dogs go to bed at night. It's not the recommended full dose, but as they already get a little fish oil and nutrient dense food, it is one extra small, tasty, healthy input to supplement their joint health. One dog is a 15 year old CavalierxJapanese Chin - with NO joint problems and a very minor heart murmur. The other is a very active 13 1/2 yo JRTx who has done two anterior cruciate ligaments in her life and self healed them both with rest, gently supervised exercise and good diet. She has very little arthritis. These two descriptions say it all. Good balanced diet. Dense in Omega3 and nutritional treats.

She loves these Bites!

My Havanese has luxating patellas and Flexi-Bites were recommended by my groomer. She's been getting 2 bites at bedtime as a "treat" for over 2 years now and has definitely shown improvement. Will continue to use.

Easy to eat

My german shepherd is a fussy eater and normally I have to mix the Sasha's Blend powder with other wet food for her to eat it. These flexi bites she ate with her regular kibble and did not notice it.

Great product

I started off using the powder version of this which worked really well to fix a low grade joint problem with my beagle. However I found the powder to be a little messy to administer as it needs to go with some sort of wet food, and tricky to measure out the exact correct dose. These bites though are far better as I just give the dog a set number of bites, she thinks they are a treat, and they seem to be just as effective.