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Go Up A Size

The sizing chart tends to run a little small I think. I measured my dalmatian at 58cm so got him the M size. It sits about 10cm shorter than where I would like it to be above his tail. The actual Medium size rug measures about 50cm from neck to tail. So I say go up a size. I'm going to get him the Large size and use this one on our other Dally who is a little smaller. I love the stretchy panels in the shoulders for freedom of movement and also no velcro to get filled with dirt and hair!

Only the best for my baby... and this is it, in my/ her opinion😽


gives your pet itch free skin between baths

sporn head halter

simple to put on gentle which means your dog loves the halter our 40 kg pup of 7 months now I have full control

Ezydog Harness the name say's it all

put on and way you go stress free

Remington deluxe silent dog whistle

So far I have not been able to get the whistle to work as I expected.

1. the whistle is clearly audible to my ears even though I suffer moderate hearing loss.
2. Neither of my dogs (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) show any reaction to the whistle.
3. Taking the cover off and adjusting the screw to change the frequency does nothing. The whistle, which as I said is clearly audible, does
not change frequency, and the dogs do not react to any position of the adjusting screw.

My conclusion is that the whistle is not frequency adjustable, and the frequency that is generated is too low.
Very disappointing I'm afraid.

Brian Bosley

Reliable Product

My Labs don't particularly like the taste of heartworm tablets, but I have no problem giving them their one a day tablet by adding the tablet to a blob of margarine on a cheap water biscuit. They swallow the biscuit (with tablet) straight down.

ezy dog training lead

Review from Wally the westie. I like this lead as I feel independent on a lead walk and enjoy the training for loose lead walking Thank you Wally

Using for frogs

Arrived quickly and well packaged. I bought this to use on my red eyed tree frogs. One drop on their backs with an eye dropper and it absorbs into their skin which is a lot easier than trying to feed them dusted crickets. I previously used the Sandoz syrup and this is the equivalent.

High class product but sizing is unreliable

We have two small dogs, 6 kg and 4 kg. I measured their chest size and accordingly bought a 2Xsmall and Xsmall. The Xsmall is a little loose on our larger dog and way too big for our smaller dog. However the 2Xsmall was way too small for him too! So I have had to add/sew inches onto its strapping to make it fit around his chest and also extend and sew the neck part to the largest length possible so the harness sits more on to his mid not upper chest area.

Apart from these sizing issues, the product is made very well, and the design is very easy to fit, especially on our dogs who have a good 'crest' of hair which does not suit high necked harnesses or collars.

The ring placement on the harness for attaching the lead could be further forward rather than on the end of the back? That is fine if the dog is walking in front of you but if they are behind you and you want to pull them forward, it pulls the back end of the harness upwards and it is impossible to control the dog.

Pleasant fragrance

The combination of these frangences is pleasant for the People and the puppies.

Tug toy (medium)

My Cavoodles love this toy

Great product

My dog enjoys these.

Great product

My dog has had no trouble switching to vegan with this product.

Excellent service 100%

I am very happy with all my service from you all at Vet n Pets, I have no complaints what's so ever, thankyou

Green Tripe powder

This is great to entice my dog to eat his food when he hasn't eaten for a few days. I sprinkle this in layers in his wet food. When I place the bowl down his nose goes nuts & he then licks the bowl clean

Food puzzle toy

great for a distraction when I have to take my dogs out separately. 1 of my dogs cries and runs back & forth when I walk my other dog without him. So I fill this toy & give it to him when I leave & come back to calm dog & a food puzzle that has been licked clean. Absolutely love it

Excellent enrichment toy

Built-in longevity in this puzzle-feeder, with multiple levels able to be configured. Excellent value for busy & smart dogs.

Great brush for a fine coat

Been using this on my whippet.
Brush gets hairs out that I didn't know existed.

Super shine and softness

Great product, use on my smooth collie and whippet for a lovely shiny coat.
It's a winner

Great stuff!

Glucos-a-flex has helped my horse a lot in improving his joint function! This came very quickly to!

All-in-one u beaut

I treated my three and my sister's one. All with follow up doses. Gonna keep buying these.

Fruitables natural Dog Treats blueberry and apple

Our little Bella enjoys fruitables treats “pumpkin and blueberry” ..Bella only has treats when we are leaving the house and she isn’t going with us. .. she waits for her treats and won’t take until there are two placed on her food mat...
Suzanne Jones 9th April 19

Exactly what's required!

Perfect for the newest little rescue doggo ... no pulling on the neck, easily adjustable, looks very well made too.