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Too milk

Always buy from here
Fast postage
Great service


Service was efficient and the product is very much loved by my 16 year old poodle

Kilo at 33yrs

Hi there, My best mate is a wonderful 33 year young Q.H. gelding who around 3years ago started having trouble with his hind legs.
After just 4 weeks on Epiitalis Forte there were signs of improvement in his gait, this continued to improve and now after some 20 tubs of Epiitalis he is great.
Thank you vetnpetdirect for keeping you price at a reasonable cost as some Vets are charging very high prices and this will condemn the people who need the product to reject the product and search for an inferior product.
As put forward by ANCIENT ONES 24/06/16 there has been problems with the accuracy of product content relative to the syringe and actual content. I record his dosage daily and have NEVER been close to the 59 days use as advertised.
Other than these small problems I would rate the Epiitalis Forte a 10/10 product I'm very happy with results and my personal Vet is quite impressed with results,and she promotes it also.
The only downfall was from order to receipt and it taking 6 days at Express Freight charges to travel from Jimboomba to Toogoolawah.

Best life jacket

This is great. My dog loves it and swaggers more than usual when wearing it. Great colour, great design, keeps the dog’s head out of the water just enough so he no longer gets sick after a day at the beach. He’ll happily surf life-save tennis balls forever in his new cozzie. A bit pricey but well worth it.

ohhh we'd love to see that swagger :-) Glad he can continue his tennis ball life saving duties now without issue!
Vetalogica Canine Tranquil Formula 120's
Canine tranquil chews

A waste of money nil affect..

Leaks no more

I have found this product to be excellent with my old bitch of 14 years. She has a problem using her back legs after a life of working cattle and now in retirement lives in the house in my study so it is very important that I am able to keep her bladder problem under control while she sees out her final months in a bit of comfort.

Wildlife Carer.

Very happy with purchases. Fast delivery which is appreciated. Thank you.

Wildlife Carer.

Yes. Very happy with purchases. Thanks.

Very happy with the product except for the magnet falling out of the flap. Now glued in b ut maybe this should be done in the factory.

Excellent Product

We have been using this product for years, our farrier is very impressed with the improved quality of our warmbloods feet.

Gets the Job Done

I prefer this method of heartworm treatment. I have three dogs and this is the cheapest way to do it. I also do it to continue the practice of the dogs taking and swallowing tablets, which they also occasionally have to do when receiving medication from the vet.

Quality product

Very satisfied with collar. The neoprene lining is soft, easy around the neck of the dog. Great choice of colors too. Quailty made. Very happy the ezy dog brand.

Ezydog express harness

Purchased this harness for my Staffordshire Bull terrier (medium size) a couple of months ago, due to him having eye problems and not allowed any movement around his neck, had to purchase a harness and absolutely love this. It is so easy to slip on, fully adjustable, fits him perfectly, there is no pressure on his neck or head, and I still have control of him at all times.

The Gentle Leader has made a big difference to our walks. We only have a little dog but she was always pulling on a taut lead. Now our walks are much more enjoyable. Unfortunately we got the size wrong and really needed the next size up so will wait for a sale and buy another one!

Derisal Ointment

Have used it for years for humans and animals.Safe and effective. Wouldn't be without it

Pet lead

Gorgeous pink lead.

Heart ID

Very cute pink with diamantes.

Luna pod

Our little Luna loves it!

I haven't used it yet but Im sure Ill be happy with it

I haven't used it yet but Im sure Ill be happy

Great Dog Strap

This product is excellent, can attach to baby tether anchor behind the seat. The attachment to the dog swivels, strap is adjustable in length. Frees up all seat belts in car and dog cannot accidentally release by hitting the seat belt clasp. Had looked for something like this for a while, found it here on vet-n-pet direct - perfect thanks.

Love this product!

I saw a significant change in my horse, whilst using 4Cyte Epitalis he is now moving a lot more freely, plus it's tasty so I just put it in his feed! Great product.

4cyte has made a hugh improvement to the stiffness of my horse.l also like that it's so easy to administer and the dosage is relatively small .Making it cost effective


Georgie my 11 year old border collie is affected quite badly with arthritis, she started Joint Guard when the Vet gave her a series of Cartrophen injections, there is some inprovement and at least she can manage to snuggle up on a lounge chair.

Fidos Flea Shampoo

Recommended by my Vet and surely is the best on the market. Smells great for days too. 🌻