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Fuzzyard Scratchy Flea

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Jmt (Sydney, AU)
Not border collie proof

Lasted ok. It legs were torn off pretty quickly.

Our dog just can't do without this flea!

Our puppy-man received his first large, green Scratchy Flea on his way home with us. "Mr Itchy" is his best friend (night time snuggles and grooming), worst enemy (held by the neck-scruff for play fights) and secret lover (shhhh… ahem…). We're onto our fifth incarnation now - our boy would be lost without his very special friend.

Fuzzyard Scratchy Flea

My puppy hasn't left this flea alone since I gave it to him! He loves it to bits. It looks so cute.

Fuzzyard Scratchy Flea

Okay - So I bought 2 initially for my 8 month old Ridgeback Floyd - and he is soooo attached to his gorgeous fleas that we also had to buy the spooky Flea, the Pink flea and the Xmas Flea for under the tree this year. He carries them everywhere, throws them around and inevitably goes to bed cuddled in with one or more Fleas that he has strategically placed. He also likes to wake us up by placing one of his treasured Fleas next our heads in the morning. I can honestly say this is the first time that I love having Fleas in the house - They have been thrown, caught, washed,put in the dryer, hung on the line and are still like new - delighted - bring out more I say :-)

Fuzzyard Scratchy Flea

My little 8yr old girl just loves this pink flea! A girl is never too old!