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KelatoVIT Performance

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KelatoVIT performance is a complete all-in-one multivitamin, mineral, chelated trace mineral and antioxidant supplement for horses to ensure that nutrient requirements are met.

What does "chelated" mean?

Chelated minerals are minerals that have been chemically combined with amino acids to form "complexes". The resulting substances are known as chelates. Another descriptive term, proteinates, refers to the amino acid bond. These chelated minerals are thought to be more digestible than nonchelated forms. In other words, chelation makes the minerals more bioavailable (able to be absorbed and used for bodily functions), chiefly by shielding them from
the effects of other dietary elements in the animal's digestive tract. Proteinates or chelates are described as organic minerals in contrast to inorganic minerals, those that are not bound to amino acids.

When do they need it?

Horses may have sub-optimal vitamin and mineral levels in their diet when fed,

*Forage only diets

*Home mixed diets

*Pre-mixed feeds below the recommended rate

Core Function:

* To top up diets that may be lacking in vitamins and minerals

* To provide a nutritionally balanced diet

* To aid in maintaining general health and vitality

Features & Benefits:

* Balanced vitamin and mineral formulation that complies with NRC Guidelines – Nutrient Requirements of Horses (2007).

* Contains chelated (organic) minerals for increased bioavailability and absorption.

* Contains natural vitamin E for superior absorption and antioxidant activity.

* Helps to balance the diet where vitamin and mineral deficiencies exist without adding calories.

* Available in a powder and pellet form to suit every horse's needs.

* Highly palatable aniseed flavour.

* Made in Australia.

Directions for Use:

Mix KelatoVIT into the daily feed or hand feed if desired. Plain salt (e.g. table salt or salt lick) should be readily available to all horses.

Daily dose rates are as follows (500kg bodyweight):

Spelling - 55g

Light work - 60g

Moderate work - 75g

Heavy work - 90g

One heaped scoop = 30g

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