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Lice'N'Simple Pour On Equine Lousicide

LICE 'N' SIMPLE is a pour-on solution for the control of biting lice on horses. It provides effective control of biting lice Werneckiella (Bovicola) equi on horses, with a single treatment.

LICE 'N' SIMPLE Pour On Lousicide is an insect growth regulator (IGR), not a knock-down insecticide, therefore it does not kill the lice. It stops the nymphs from becoming breeding adults. It controls biting lice (W. equi) by preventing the development of immature lice in the coat and those which hatch from eggs. 

LICE 'N' SIMPLE contains the insect growth regulator triflumuron, which interferes with insect chitin synthesis and acts primarily against immature lice, causing death by rupturing themalformed cuticle and/or by insect starvation.

Directions for Use:
Dose horse at 1 mL/10 kg bodyweight. Do not underdose. Using the measuring cup provided, apply in a single continuous strip down the middle of the backline from the poll to the highest point of the rump. In particular, ensure good coverage to the roots of the mane. Do not hose the horse for at least 72 hours after treatment. Treatment during the hottest part of the day is not recommended.

Triflumuron 25 g/L.

Colourless liquid.

Use with caution on horses with existing dermatitis or broken skin.

Withholding Periods:
Meat 28 days.


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Too costly for large numbers of horses.