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Wombaroo Kangaroo Milk Replacer >0.7

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Wombaroo Kangaroo Milk Replacer > 0.7 is for joeys with greater than 70% of pouch life completed. Fur short to dense. Spends time out of pouch. Faeces soft to firm green pellets.

Wombaroo Kangaroo Milk Replacer is suitable for all species of macropods including kangaroos, wallabies, pademelons, bettongs and potoroos.

Wombaroo contains a blend of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals formulated to match as closely as possible the composition of natural mother's milk.

Four stages of kangaroo milk are available (sold separately). The stage required is dependent on the developmental stage of the joey.

The illustrations on the front of each packet provide a visual guide in determining the milk type to be used.

(250g makes 1L milk)

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Lovely service

Gail Dennett

The wildlife food arrived on time as expected and in good condition. It was very sell packaged.

Jasmine Payne (Sydney, AU)
Awesome service

Fast postage
Easy to use
Great for the little ones
Awesome product varieties to make you pr care package complete
Highly recommend

Ingrid Justice (Adelaide, AU)
Too milk

Always buy from here
Fast postage
Great service