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Ziwi Peak Air Dried Venison for Dogs

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Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Venison for Dogs is a novel, single-protein option for dogs with protein allergies or sensitivities. Ziwi Venison is sourced only from local New Zealand farms, ensuring the animals are free-ranging, grass-fed and finished.

For the perfect finishing touch, Ziwi add kelp as a natural vitamin and mineral source, and New Zealand green mussel for natural glucosamine and chondroitin.

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Venison for Dogs may help promote:
* Decreased food allergy sensitivities
* Healthier skin and coat
* Improved digestion
* Joint health and mobility
* Reduced symptoms of IBS & IBD
* Weight management

What's included:
* High-quality protein
* Glucosamine
* Chrondrotin
* ​Vitamins A, D & E
* Omega 3
* Omega 6
* Fatty acids
* Probiotics​
* Amino acids
* Calcium
* Digestive enzymes
* Vitamins & minerals
* Non grain-based carbohydrates

What's not included:
* No grains, corn, wheat, rice or soy
* No rendered meats or meals
* No meat by-products
* No cheap filler ingredients
* No potatoes or sweet potatoes
* No ethoxyquin
* No pea protein
* No glycerines
* No artificial flavours or colours
* No antibiotics
* No growth promotants
* No added hormones
* No ingredients from China

Fast fact:
Ziwi Peak use no rendered meat, bone or fish meals in any of their recipes. This process strips the nutritional benefits from ingredients.

PACK WEIGHT: 454g;  1kg;   2.5kg

Click here to visit the Ziwi Pets website and calculate your pets feeding requirements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Karen (Sydney, AU)
Venison air dried

Both my fur babies love this and will behave like well trained doggies when I use them for training treats.
Have used a variety of flavours as, meals, toppers and treats.
A bit expensive but top quality

Jenee Benning (Brisbane, AU)
Great product

My dogs were very keen to eat this and I like that it’s “clean”. Feeding this helped alleviate most of my dogs allergies and is great light weight food for hiking.